River 2013

Love these little stinkies. I think they are about to out grow this swing though. How did that happen so fast?

The highlight of our trip…we found this ginormous moth on our door the very last night ….I am so glad it cooperated and let me take pictures! We have a hilarious video of this thing loose in our cabin….awh good times!  I am sure it was harmless…but it was so huge it scared us! Here is a small clip of the VIDEO…after we caught it.

So I googled “large moth in Texas” and there it was! It’s a Polyphemus moth and it is said to be one of the largest moths with a wing span of 5 1/2 to 6 inches!  Amazing! And these moths do not eat and actually don’t even have mouths….so I guess we shouldn’t have been so afraid…it wasn’t going to eat us alive afterall! The pattern on the hind wings resembles the head of the Great Horned Owl….this is it’s defense mechanism to protect itself from predators! So impressive!

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