These boys gave us a run for our money…..but even though the session started out a little rocky…we were patient and stubborn… two of my finest qualites. ha. These kiddos parents were equally patient….sooo we waited it out and ended up getting some happy smiley faces. I have to say, I love the dramatic crying ones just as much as the happy smiley ones though.

Also, a huge thank you to my very patient clients….¬†I had a computer that started to die on me..and then did….burial services are this weekend. =) No worries I have all my work backed up more than once…but setting up a new system is DIFFICULT when your dealing with photography…and filled with stress…and very time consuming. (ahem….do you feel sorry for me yet???) Anyways, thank you to all my clients who were so kind and patient with me during this time. You have no idea how much that means to me…if I could give you a big hug thru the internet….. well I would. ¬†Because several days I just wanted to cry like a baby! However when I cry….. I do not look as cute as this adorable bunch.

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